3 organic heads green cabbage, shredded in a food processor. Keep some leafs aside to use later to cover the brine.

3 inch piece of organic ginger, peeled and chopped

A pinch of the following organic herbs: Fennel seed, Curmin seed, Coriander seed, and Cardamom seed.

Secret Ingredient: a half teaspoon of organic celery seed fresh grind.



1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, preferably glass, food grade stainless steel or ceramic bowl.

2. Take 1 cup of this mixture and put into a blender.

3. Add enough filtered water to make a creamy juice. Add this “brine” to the first mixture. Stir well. Set aside.

4. Prepare MEGASPORE Probiotic or Body Ecology Culture starter: open two capsules or one sachet and dissolve the powder in 11/2 cup warm water (90-92). Add aproximately 1 tsp. of some type of sugar as Rapadura,  or coconut sugar to feed the culture starter. Let sit this mixture for about 20 minutes or longer. Add this starter to the cabbage mixture.

5. Pack the mixture down into a quart glass jar. Mason jar or even better, Pickl-it fermenting jar. Use fist or wooden dowel to pack cabbage tightly.

6. Fill container almost full. Leave about 2 inches of room.

7. Roll up several cabbage leaves and place them into a tight “plug” on top to fill the 2 inches space.

8. Put a clean rock on top of this “plug” made of leave to avoid the cabbage mixture expand. Closed jar.

9. Keep jar out of strong light. Light destroy lactic acid bacteria.

10. During the first three days open daily the jar to push cabbage down.

11. Let the jar sit at about a 70 degree room temperature for at least three days or until bubbles start going down. Refrigerate to slow down fermentation. Enjoy!

NOTE: It’s being discussed if when using a “culture starter” should be salt added or not. There adherents for both. I personally used both methods. Taste much better when a little salt is added. It’s more crispy and crunchy. Without it, is flat taste.




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