Many oils start healthy, but when they are used to cook in high temperatures, they transform in oxidize oils that affect your health. One of the reasons of the common  used of this procedure is, that heat is associated for its function of killing microbes. Frying and sauteed is considered to add more taste and flavor to food. Grilling and barbecue methods of cooking are also toxic. The blacked and brownish coated in food means more oxidation. All these toxins get trapped in your liver. Physicians only start caring when they noticing your liver enzymes are elevated. At this point, more than 50% of your liver is compromised. This disease is called Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Oils has a boiling temperature of 450 degrees Farhrenheit. Water has a boiling point of 212 degrees Farhrenheit. Which one you think is safe to cook with?.

Best suitable oils for cooking are those that have a smoke point of 350 degrees F (177 degrees C) and higher. This being said, this don’t mean you will be cooking an oil to a high temperature and expect is healthy to eat. I see quite often people using coconut oil  (360 F) in very high temperatures thinking is healthy. Well, is not. It has a smoke point!. Avocado oil can be used for cooking without need of being refined. Well, you don’t want eat refined oils. I will explain why in a minute of reading… :).

oils kitchen

When an oil is heat in a high temperature promotes oxidation in food. The ideal and best way is use oils  with smoke points of 350-400 F at low to maximum medium temperatures. Frying method should be out of your kitchen.

Oils with low smoke points as flax, coriander and pumpkin seed oil should be eaten raw. You can drizzle them over foods after cooking as I do. These oils benefits when they are bought for a high quality source, as Panaseeda oils, would be lost when cooking with them. Besides they will oxidize.


Yes, this is the way I cook all my food and taste delicious. Being real, I don’t sauteed and fry with water (you can), but I add water and herbs to everything I cook with excellent  results. Guests tasted and approved!.


Add water to a pot or pan that will not exceed 212 F. Put inside onions, garlic, herbs, meat, grains, beans or any of you preferences. Oils that are cooking allowed (avocado, coconut) or ghee, butter should be add at the end. In the case you used seeds oils these are pour on top of your plate meal, never on the pot or pan. Provecho!





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