About Nourishing My Life

Welcome to ‘Nourishing My Life”, I am extremely happy that you visited. Thank you for your interest.

A few years ago I started a healing journey . For some reasons I started noticing things in my life and in my health that were not working out the way I wanted. Sometimes these things were small health challenges, other times they were a little more complicated. My own healing was soon based on healthy, whole, organic foods, Chinese herbs, and natural supplements. This is still a road with ups and downs, but always staying positive when new health challenge show up.

Soon, I started cooking the old-fashioned way of preparing foods, using food combining protocol, energetic Chinese -food Chart, and lately GAPS DIET. At the end,  I create a protocol just for me. 

In this nourishing journey, I started studying different nutritional approaches, new alternative studies and I found a new passion . Hence, for me, a new profession was born.

I decided start this blog because I’ve always loved writing, and more than anything to share what I am learning.

I did many mistakes, some small, some big ones at the beggining. I will be happy if I can save you for do the same. There is too much information out there, and sadly no all is that good as the proponents make us believe. 

Finally, I am nourishing my life through food, water, yoga, meditation, laugh and a lot of LOVE.


2 thoughts on “About Nourishing My Life

  1. Congratulations on your scholarship to study Yoga, Claudia! So happy for you. Hope to see you again in the mountains once the snow melts. Hugs from Winter Park

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